Investment in coins

Why is it worth investing in coins with Lewandowski?

Robert Lewandowski is a phenomenon on a global scale. He is known not only among football fans. For many people, he is an idol and the best footballer in the world. On the other hand, investment in ore is called a "safe haven for investments", and the profits from it increase every year.

The only collector's coins in the world with the image of Robert Lewandowski

Coin mintage quickly sells out and quickly gains in value

Ultra low circulation, much smaller than the number of football fans

Safe form of investing money

You can resell your coins to fans and collectors all over the world

The entire series of coins will form a story corresponding to the success of Lewandowski

The subject of coins is a global phenomenon, not only in sports - for many years Robert has become an increasingly popular footballer

The latest technology and the best materials were used to make the coins

The images of the coins were created by designers and modellers appreciated in the numismatic world


The exchange rate of silver and gold does not change drastically during financial crises or changes in political systems. When we consider the last few years, their price is systematically increasing. An undoubted advantage is the fact that in the case of inflation, the purchasing power of silver and gold increases, not decreases. Kruszec is a highly liquid investment. Finding a new buyer is not a problem.